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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."

Albert Einstein



Does the thought of spending hours trying to navigate an online tax software bring on the cold sweats? What if you miss some of those tricky tax credits or deductions that you know should be yours? Don't fall victim to promises for a quick fix or "free" tax filing advertisement. (We all know you can "start for free", but you pay one way or another in the end, whether it's missed tax breaks or having to pay after all the time you spent entering your information). 



We know everyone likes to know what the price is before purchasing a service, and our services are priced by type, schedule, form and complexity. These factors can cause a return to be anywhere from a few pages to over a hundred, including attachments. As you can imagine, this makes quoting a price before preparing a return near to impossible with any accuracy.  We can give you an idea before we start. Oh, and we will e-file for you, So you can be sure your return is received by the IRS timely. 



We routinely uncover additional credits, deductions, and other items that can add up to thousands of dollars in tax savings for you or your business, even on past tax returns. Not only that, if you bring us your past three (3) Federal Tax Returns and let us take a look, we will see if we can find money that may have been left on the table.



Don't trust just anyone to handle your important and confidential information. We safeguard your private information as if it were our own by utilizing file security with 256-bit AES encryption, locking cabinets, and password protected software and files. 


We are able to work remotely by utilizing cloud services which means you don't have to leave your office or home because you can transfer files by linking us to your cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) or by uploading to our cloud. If you prefer meeting face to face and are in the North Central Florida area, we have an office space to meet in. Of course, you can always mail documents if you are not local. 

Our prices are fair. Our reputation is paramount. Our tax prep is personal. 

For your complimentary Tax Preparation Checklist: click here


If you are ready to get started, BOOK A CONSULTATION now!

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If you have a very simple return and have decided to file your tax return without our assistance,

use the link above

for only $25!


(Note that this link is for a completely self guided preparation and can we offer no consultation

if you file a return yourself.)

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