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"I got a new flash just for working with you. You teaching me to be more computer savvy than before. I thank you for that."

- Dwane L, Alachua, FL

"If you are looking for a Notary or Notary Signing Agent to come to you or coordinate someone in your area, please contact Shelley... I have known her for many years and she is a hard working lady. She will look out for your interests! If your county is not listed, contact her anyway and she can find someone to help you!"

- Lana H, Gainesville, FL

“Shelley is a dedicated person who is willing to help anyone in need of her assistance. When I was having problems with one of my projects Shelley stepped in and gave me advice as well as recommendations to assist me. Shelley is a team player and is a great asset to anyone who comes in contact with her.”

- Ali R, Pittsburg, PA

"Hats off to a job well done, Shelley! You did an awesome job helping us out and we appreciate it very much. Thank you so much!"

- Connie S, Alachua, FL

"I have known Shelly for many years, both as a professional and as a friend. I feel based on my knowledge of her and her abilities she will definitely be able to successfully accomplish any work she accepts and will accomplish it in a timely manner."

- Bubba R, Perry, GA

“Shelley is a very hard working and detail-oriented person. She enjoys working with others. It is a way for her to expand her own knowledge while gaining an understand of her peers perspectives. Shelley has excellent time management skills and works well under pressure.”

- Kim Y, Round Rock, TX

“Great Lady!”

- Jack S, Gainesville, FL

"I first met Mrs Morales years ago at a former place of employment. I had dealings with her, on average, twice a month. I would now consider her a friend as well as a business "go to" person. She has always been hard working, goal oriented and motivated to be the best at whatever she does. I look forward to continued business and growth with her at Morales Services."

- Phil G, Ocala, FL

“Shelley was always very pleasant to work with. She was motivated to find the right solution, to tie things together, and to produce very high quality work. I would love to work with Shelley again either as a student or on a professional basis. I recommend her to anyone who wants a good solid team worker with great problem solving and communication skills.”

- RyAnne J, Spokane, WA

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