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End of year tax checklist

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Consider the following suggestions to help maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax liabilities for this year:

  • Make your cash donations before the end of the year.

  • Clean out your closets and donate to your favorite charity.

  • Make estimated payments, if applicable.

  • Consider if you have any capital losses that you can realize by December 31.

  • Meet the December 31 deadline if you plan to convert an IRA to a ROTH.

Make an appointment with us. With the recent tax law changes we advise scheduling a tax health check-up to ensure everything is in order for your current and future financial health. Feel free to share this with friends who may need this information.

Morales Services Inc.

1 (352) 358-1413

~~~ Don't forget! We provide mobile notary services 24/7/365,

so if you have documents that need to be finalized, NO EXCUSES!!!

Stop procrastinating and give us a call today! ~~~

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