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Archer man’s cocaine odyssey retold in Netflix doc

Photo by Netflix

Sometimes the "stories" we hear through the grapevine in our community aren't as good as the actual story. We remember when this happened and never judged him or doubted what we knew about his character. It's great that he was able to tell his story himself. A must watch.

Taken from the The story depicted in “The Legend of Cocaine Island” begins in an unassuming way. For years, Hyden and friends passed beers around a campfire, just off the beaten path in Archer. After a few Mason jars of wine, the silver-haired, perpetually-barefoot Julian would repeat a familiar tale. Between 15 and 20 years ago, on the shores of the Pirates of the Caribbean-esque island Culebra, Julian stumbled upon a bale of cocaine. Not knowing what to do, he buried the stash and returned to the States to live in a trailer. In comes Hyden, a recently riches-to-rags family man hit hard from the Great Recession. After fixating on Julian’s story about the $2 million dollars worth of cocaine lying in the sand, he decided to dig it up.

Full story here

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